Would you like to contribute to the development of oStorybook ? Here's what you need to know to set up the source code.

1. Development platform

The interface to be used can be Netbeans or Eclipse without any special adaptation. The following is directly usable for Netbeans.

  • Create a new oStorybook project
  • Activate GIT configuration by pointing to the repository or
  • Retrieve source code via GIT (pull)
  • Quit Netbeans without doing anything else.

2. Libraries and more

Download the libraries needed for development. This is a compressed (ZIP) file   download.gif  . In the source code directory you should find a lib subdirectory. If not, create one. Then unzip the file in this directory.

3. Check

In principle, you now have a complete and functional configuration. Check that everything is in place:

  • Start Netbeans
  • Run the build via "Clean and Build Project (Shift+F11)".


Before creating a package, please contact the development team, as some additional tools are required.

5. Consult

You can consult the source code on the Git repository with any Internet browser at the following address