January 1, 2024: release of version 5.61


You don't have to register to use oStorybook. On the other hand, if you want to ask a question on the help forum, you will need to register an account. This is simply because dishonest people regularly try to hack into this site (I can't think of any valid reason for doing this other than to harm others).

If you intend to publish a review or test of the software in a blog or on social networks, please be so kind as to inform the team (see contact address).

oStorybook a tool for writers

oStorybook is Libre Software for writers, essayists and authors. Used from draft to finished work, oStorybook ensures that you never lose sight of the storyline. oStorybook helps you keep control of the various developments in your story.

oStorybook is the successor to Storybook, an original creation by Martin Mustun. While the source code of Martin's last published version was partly hidden, all the current code is now freely accessible.

oStorybook helps you structure your work

Characters, locations, scenes, objects, reference points and ideas are all managed in a single, coherent package. A simple interface lets you define each element and each scene, while maintaining a permanent overview of your work thanks to easy-to-understand, practical tools. Memoria, for example, lets you visualize the links between each component and the others.