Java version 1.8.0_45 or higher is required for oStorybook to work. However, operation with Java 11, or even 19, has shown no difficulty.

Windows : Download and execute the exe file.
MacOSX : Download the tar.gz file and run the usual installation.

Valid for any distribution based on the Debian packaging system.
  1. Download the file named oStorybook-X.yz.deb.
  2. Open a terminal window and run the usual installation command:
    sudo dpkg -i oStorybook-X.yz.deb
  3. Check that the shortcut has been created on your desktop (if you're using Gnome). If not, create a shortcut using your usual method.
For an ArchLinux distribution, the community offers a standard package, see here
For other Linux distributions, or in case of problems, use the basic procedure with the Zip file:
  1. Download the Zip file named
  2. Extract this file into a local directory (I recommend creating this directory with the name oStorybook, so you can identify it more easily).
  3. Look for the file oStorybook.jar in this directory.
  4. Use the .bat or .sh file as a template to build your own launcher.